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Rubber Duck Race

Ronceverte River Festival's Rubber Ducky Race

The Friendly River City

    "A community in Greenbrier County, Ronceverte, WV, was first laid out in 1871, by Cecil Clay but not incorporated until 1882. A.E. White served as the town's first mayor. By 1906, Ronceverte had a population of about 1,500 and was a important shipping point for railroad ties, lumber, and agricultural products. The town sits on the north bank of the Greenbrier River on US Route 219 and is located on the mainline of the CSX railroad." WVExp.com

    Like many small industrial town, Ronceverte has seen it's ups and downs. The demise of the river logging industry hit hard and the town became just another rural stop on the railroad. Recently, through the efforts of local entrepreneurs and like-minded organizations, Ronceverte is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Improvements to the downtown have been a cause for positive growth after a long period of stagnancy. More information on Ronceverte can be found at the links below.

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Lamp Post Decorating Contest for Halloween


For details contact The Ronceverte Development Corporation - 304-647-3140


The Ronceverte River Festival will be having a Sub Sandwich Sale at the end of February. Subs will be 6” in size and will have a variety of meats, American cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and pickles. Orders must be placed by February 25th and will be delivered by noon on March 1st to your home or workplace. . Subs will be $5 each.
Print the order form HERE then call us at 304-647-8864 for someone to pick it up before February 25th.