As most of you know, the citizens of Ronceverte are experiencing frequent water interuptions. This is occurring because of the age and condition of our current water system. Contractors are hard at work putting in new pipes, but until the project is finished we will continue having breakages in the old lines. Whenever the system needs to be shut off for a repair or replacement, the water drains out and the lines fill with air. When the water is turned back on this air is compressed, causing the thumps and rattles you may hear. The compressed air is often pushed to a pressure higher than the old pipes can handle, and this along with the rattling, causes new breaks at the site of old repairs or joints, or even in new spots where the pipes are in particularly bad condition. If you haven't seen any of the pieces of the old pipe they have removed, you wouldn't believe it. Corrosion and rot are almost everywhere. This is primarily due to age and the original materials used. The new pipes are made of materials where this will not occur.

This picture was taken Wednesday on Spruce Street. The break is only about 6 feet from a large break that was repaired on Saturday.

Our City Crew is working around the clock, putting in countless hours of overtime, to repair breaks as they happen. Most of the time they are working with the water still turned on, which means they are knee deep in a flooded muddy hole trying to find the leak and repair it (often under water). This is not only for our convenience, but also to limit the times when the pipes will be drained and refilled, potentially causing new breaks.

A word of warning: Although unlikely, this type of break is possible in your home as well, due to the draining and refilling and the subsequent air pressure and rattling. Be sure to check you basement or crawlspace periodically to look for leaks.

The Ronceverte River Festival has decided to show our gratitude for their seemingly endless struggle on our behalf. We will be providing the City workers with lunch at City Hall once every week until this crisis is past, or until we run out of money for this.

If you would like to show your support, you can help us with this commitment. The button below will allow you to make a donation in any amount. Every little bit helps. All money received will be used for this purpose only.

We thank you for your support in this commitment of appreciation for their efforts. Anyone who cares to make a donation will have their name listed with the Ronceverte River Festival as a Supporter of Ronceverte Lunch Breaks (unless they choose to remain anonymous)..