Ronceverte River Festival Sponsorship

           Festivals, celebrations, and parades have long been a part of West Virginia lifestyle. We all look forward to our favorite, whether it’s Farmer’s Day, Alderson’s great 4th of July Celebration, or The Christmas Parade in our own home town. The Ronceverte River Festival has been one of the most successful and popular of those events for over 30 years. With the Great Rubber Ducky Race, the Parade, good food and entertainment, the River Festival offers more than most and has become a tradition of the Greenbrier Valley.

           Due to simple economics and a need for volunteers, the Ronceverte River Festival, like so many other local events, has found it more difficult to present an event on the scale for which it had become known. It is not a lack of interest that has made things harder, it is a lack of involvement. We need your help.

           In an effort to increase involvement, we are looking for Sponsors for our event. Sponsorship of the Ronceverte River Festival can happen in many ways. Some of our current Sponsors will be helping us with the event itself. Some of them will be donating towards our expenses. Let’s be realistic. Money is good, but it’s not all we need. We need people too. We hope you will consider assisting us in our time of need. We take no profit from any of this, other than the satisfaction of a good time had by all who attend.

Some ways you could help:

·   Join the River Festival Committee – We meet twice a month to work on fundraising and event planning. If you would like to attend, please give us a call: 304-648-8864

·   Volunteer for the days of the Festival – We will need people to help coordinate events on the days of the festival. If you can’t join the committee, consider joining us for the festival as a volunteer.

·   Sponsor an Event or Competition – We have many things occurring throughout the 3 day Festival and it all takes work and money. Event Sponsors help us alleviate those costs and efforts.

·   Sponsor the Ronceverte River Festival – Sponsoring the Festival itself allows us to expand on the entertainment and amusements. We have the costs of a carnival (already booked) and live entertainment to cover, not to mention contest prizes and parade awards.



For further information, please call: 304-647-8864

Mail can be sent to: Ronceverte River Festival, PO Box 435 Ronceverte WV 24970